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Pierre Corvisier, JF Hillebrand Group Director of New Services.

With the worldwide flexitank market growing, we at Trans Ocean believe that the industry will reach new heights by taking a further step toward a highly professional self-regulation; and this will be the Publicly Available Standard (PAS) 1008.

Alongside the Container Owners Association (COA) and other industry leaders, Trans Ocean have for many years campaigned for and championed best practice in the flexitank sector. As of today, the 3rd version of the COA’s Code Of Practice (COP), published in September 2011, remains the milestone that sets the standards and best practice for the industry.

With this in mind, Trans Ocean fully supports the impending launch of the British Standard Insitute (BSI) PAS 1008. We have been involved throughout the democratic and multiple stakeholder process of moving toward the PAS during 2014.

What is the PAS 1008?

  • A formal approval process for a previously unregulated industry
  • Developed by flexitank manufacturers and operators in conjunction with the COA

What are the objectives?

  • To establish formal minimum standard via a recognized branding
  • To create a visible and accepted PAS compliance list
  • Initial focus will be on flexitank manufacturing and testing, with the intention to expand in future
  • To establish an IAF approved 3rd party certification process, covering production, material performance, quality management system, impact tests and so on.
  • Ultimately, to promote a safe and professional industry through stringent operational & liability standards.

Trans Ocean were the first company to fully comply with the COP, and we truly believe that the development and implementation of a recognized, formal and stringent standard will further benefit all stakeholders in the global bulk market (including shippers, receivers and shipping lines); ultimately creating an even safer and more professional industry.

We will keep you updated as the move toward the PAS 1008 develops during the course of the year.


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