From IBC to flexitank: an innovative solution for a petrochemical client

One of Trans Ocean’s clients in the petrochemical industry had a Vietnam based receiver who required delivery in IBC’s. This was due mainly to space constraints at the receiving plant, but had considerable cost and operational implications.

The cost of shipping in IBCs from Europe to Vietnam was extremely high approximately ($3,000 per container more than a flexitank). In addition, the IBC’s accumulated at the receiving plant, requiring costly disposal after discharging.

After analysing the supply chain problems, we proposed to switch the main element of the transit from IBC’s to flexitanks, before reloading into IBC’s for the final delivery. This would lower the shipping costs.

As an added value service, we included a weight-in weight-out mechanism to determine that the delivered quantity was correct.

The receiver was pleased with the new system which allowed for JIT delivery and ample supply of product at destination. There was no longer any need for them to source IBC’s at origin or loading point, thanks to our full service solution.

The switch generated a cost saving of $54,000 per annum for our client.

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