Using RhinoShield:
protecting olive oil
from contamination

After several deliveries for an Olive Oil importer in the USA, it was found that the product had traces of a Naphthalene contamination. The source of the contamination was unknown but, given correct quality controls at the supplier side, it was clear that contamination was happening during transport.

Naphthalene is commonly used as a pesticide in shipping containers. Unfortunately, for some sensitive products such as edible oils, it can be a contaminant. However, shipping lines do not keep records of the pesticides used, and container regulations from country to country – making it very difficult to pin down.

There needed to be a way to protect the olive oil from the naphthalene. Our soliution was our RhinoShield flexitank barrier: an added layer of protection for our flexitank, which provides a barrier against oxygen ingress, and 100% protection against naphthalene.

On loading, we ensured that during loading of the product, there was no air left inside the flexitank. The liquid inside was protected completely against any risk of oxygen ingress. We added extra peace of mind through our Marine Cargo Transit Insurance package.


As a result – and thankfully for our client –

no traces whatsoever of naphthalene have been found since shipments were switched to RhinoShield. Moreover, the extra cost to the client is minimal, despite the added protection of both the barrier technology, and our insurance package.

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