The benefits are clear


Improve your customer service

  • To internal stakeholders or departments
  • To external relations or stakeholders

Improve control on your logistics process

  • Having full visibility on all steps within the process

Increase the efficiency of your order management

  • All data on each leg of the supply chain availabe

100% integrated

Check out how Axis helps our clients to manage their business at different levels

supply-chain-managerSupply Chain Manager
Customer Service Manager
Transport and Logistics Manager

“Axis provides me with full visibility of all parts of my supply chain. This really helps me optimize availability and reduce extra costs.”

“Axis helped us to better inform our distributors on availability and delivery of our products to them. They really value our on-time information to serve their clients better, and it increased their performance to the market.”

“With the help of Axis, we managed to share all of our order information with the loading plants and trucking companies. The result is increased efficiency, time savings, and smoother communication.”

Explore the features!

Make strategic decisions from a centralized platform

  • Real time shipment status
  • Accurate data
  • Online documents
  • Advanced reporting
  • Track & trace
  • Data export
  • Scheduled reports
  • Mobile