Insurance: added peace of mind for bulk transportation

A client was using their own generic insurance coverage for their cargo, when a minor accident occurred at the destination port in China. They needed assistance to check the cargo, review documents with the local authorities, and ensure the safe onward journey of the cargo. A Mandarin speaker was required to assist.

However, whilst claim information was collated and actioned over different time zones, delays occurred adding to increased costs. As the policy was held in Europe, all authorisations had to come directly from our client and, although the claim was minor, there was an excess fee payable of €5,000.

We suggested the use of our Marine Cargo Transit Insurance (MCTI) package for future shipments. MCTI is tailored for end-to-end flexitank shipments, and under our insurance package, we are able to act as if we own the cargo, ensuring prompt action and authorisations.


Following these events, our client arranged MCTI through us, bringing added peace of mind. Prompt action and communication through our global and multilingual network, with authorisations sanctioned by Trans Ocean personnel at the point of the problem, means that immediate inspection and reports can take place, greatly reducing delays and costs, while not compromising client resources. Moreover, excess is reduced to zero.

Trans Ocean can also issue technical reports and offer advice and guidance to prevent similar accidents from occurring in future.

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