From ISO Tanks to flexitanks: a client from the food & beverage industry

Due to unforseen events, including a flood in Bangkok, Thailand, shipments in ISO Tanks bound for a client in the food industry were unable to be delivered. ISO tanks full of product were stuck in the port; incurring considerable demurrage charges of €50 per day. The situation in Bangkok had the potential to be significantly costly.

Moreover, the situation had the potential to get worse. It was not possible to stop or divert the supply, since many of the ISO tanks had already arrived at Bangkok, while others were on the water, or at the transhipment port in Singapore.

Thankfully, we had an innovative solution to hand.

Realising the problems facing our client, we decanted all of the liquids from ISO Tanks into flexitanks, IBC’s and drums to lower the demurrage and detention costs. The IBCs and Drums were stored in our own secure warehouse, and delivered upon instruction.

All other incoming shipments in transit were reworked into flexitanks and stored in locations (such as our warehouse in Singapore) ready for delivery. We managed the entire logistics process, meaning that the client could focus on sales rather than on logistics and inventory management.

The client made direct savings of over $500,000 for all the shipments (approximately 50 containers). Such was the impact of our solution, we have since gone on to provide ongoing support to the client for over 2 years, with flexitanks increasingly being used to move their product closer to customers.

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