From the 1st July 2016, providing the vessel and terminal operators with the verified gross mass “VGM” prior to vessel loading will be a legal requirement for all shipments beyond 200 nautical miles offshore.
The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea of 1974, with subsequent Amendments and Protocols, known as SOLAS (from “Safety Of Life at Sea”) aims at preventing accidents resulting from shipper’s non-declaration or mis-declarations of cargo weights.

From 7th May 2017, the onus is placed on shippers sending goods to or within countries member of the European Union to declare the weight of the cargo to their haulier before the goods are transported. The weight of the cargo, transport unit, truck and chassis must not exceed legal weight limits on roads. By applying the VGM to road freight cargo, the European Union aims at avoiding accidents resulting from any breach of road weight limit Road Freight laws.

How to calculate the VGM?
What does Trans Ocean need from you?
What happens in case of non-declaration or mis-declaration of VGM ?



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