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Trans Ocean

Trans Ocean


London International Wine Fair - Bulk wine shipping - 24 May 2010

With the environment still high on the agenda, Trans Ocean was invited to discuss the benefits of importing wine in bulk as part of the ongoing project with WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) at the WRAP industry briefing, along with other supply chain members of the wine industry. Download the presentation from the briefing.

Transporting wine in bulk and bottling in-market can achieve environmental and commecial advantages; it cuts transportation carbon emissions, improves logistical effienciency and reduces cost. 

WRAP's research shows UK filling and manufacturing sectors have the capacity to handle a 14% increase on current levels of bulk importation. If this finding is extrapolated to the wider industry, as much as 144 million additional litres could be imported in bulk for UK filling.

Research has also concluded bulk importing has little or no adverse implications on wine quality over in-bottle transportation and has huge environmental and cost-benefits.

Mike Williams (Director Bulk Logistics) from Trans Ocean comments: "The briefing was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate how, through lightweighting and the bulk importation of wine, the industry can work to reduce carbon emmisions".

The WRAP GlassRite report results were also unveiled on 18th May at the London wine fair, a project which started in 2006 and dedicated to support the UK wine sector to reduce glass waste and carbon emissions. The project has contributed CO2 savings of almost 35,000 tonnes per year.



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Benefit from potentially faster equipment positioning with the use of the HeatBulk™ system.

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