Since 1844 JF Hillebrand dedicated their expertise exclusively to the logistics of wine, spirits, and beer. You will find us in every major wine, beer and spirit export and import wine country in the world. Today more than 1200 professionals in 43 offices all over the world put that experience to work for our clients, by taking care of the smooth flow of beverages day after day.

The Hillebrand Group operates a global portfolio of specialist logistics companies, across a range of industry sectors. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, the Hillebrand Group’s companies are present in 78 countries around the world.

Trans Ocean

Trans Ocean

Bulkhead Collection


  • We aim to actively promote our global strategy to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.
  • We are conscious of reducing global waste.   
  • The title of the Bulkheads remains with Trans Ocean at all times. Trans Ocean shall be entitled to recover the Bulkheads at their convenience.

Why should we recover steel bulkheads?


The service is designed for global coverage. The collection teams will assist if you are shipping to single or multiple destinations, whether in small or large volumes. By re-furbishing and re-using the steel bulkheads we aim to eliminate single use bulkheads.

Let’s work together to reduce global waste…


Bulkhead collection process

Arrange a collection of Bulkheads

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2. Your company

3. Collection location

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End-to-end logistics

Trans Ocean is known for our end-to-end logistics service:

  • Supply & fit
  • Loading
  • Transfer to port
  • Shipping
  • Transfer to receiver
  • Unloading
  • Recycling

Peace of mind from factory to destination.

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